Building the Routine: How to Make Exercise a Daily Habit (Instead of a Chore)

Fitness, Retreat

Saturday May 7th | 2:15-3:00 

Every day we get out of bed, dress ourselves, and brush our teeth (hopefully). Often without a second thought. But when it comes to exercise, we are not as automatic. We consider whether we feel like doing it, we make excuses if we don’t, or we just don’t make the time for it. The problem often has less to do with willpower than it does with the habits – the autopilot functions – ingrained in our brains. In this workshop, we will develop strategies to turn our exercise into a routine that we don’t have to think about. Attendees will learn:

  • The methods behind daily habit building 
  • The benefits of a well-rounded mix of exercises 
  • How to build your workout routine into the every-day