Parenting in a Bariatric Lifestyle

Parenting, Retreat

Saturday May 7th | 12:15-1:00

Raising kids is HARD. Add in the complete lifestyle change that a bariatric patient encounters, and it’s a veritable minefield! While we are cautiously navigating how to not create food or body image issues, while promoting body positivity in our kids, we have or are undergoing a major health change of our own that we have to cope with and explain. Join AdventHealth’s pediatric psychiatrist and seasoned bariatric patients as we talk through it all. In this session, we’ll discuss: 

  • How to talk to our kids about our surgery, health issues, and restrictions
  • How to teach our kids to live a healthy, mindful lifestyle in lieu of diet culture
  • How to help our children understand that fat is not bad, and that our surgery doesn’t mean we think it is